USNNM Organic Gardening

February 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Videos A very famous biochemist from India said that the agricultural soils from India are 5000 years old and they have been taking away from the soils the full spectrum of the Macro, Micro, and Nano nutrients. The soils of the ancient worlds have been depleted of the minerals that we have been fortunate to be able to gather! Excelerite actually rejuvenates your plants. Not only are they bigger and healthier, you will feel and be healthier. It is extremely Nutrient dense. Imagine the entire periodic table of elements being present! Plus Folic acid and some of the most basic things for healthy plant growth. Within 3 weeks you will see a huge difference in your plants, and vegetable. It is time to get back to a natural way of refurbishing and remineralizing our soils, and our plants. We need to stop using chemicals that are toxic and unhealthy! This is a soil rejuvenator! You dont give it what you think it needs. You give it what it in fact naturally needs. , There are over 78 natural elements. It will rejuvenate your soils, and your plants making them more healthy, luscious, and nutritious, in turn doing the same to our bodies. It is a perfect product to share with the world! Take this opportunity to learn about the Products, and the opportunity and to help reap these benefits for you. Re-mineralization, Excelerarite, Healthy plants, healthy soil, organic gardening, bio mineral, organism foods, nutritious product production, minerals, trace elements, green living

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