What is Green Living All About?

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Green living is a lifestyle that is adapted by those who want to save the Earth’s natural resources and its environment. This type of living enables you to live your life in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. When you decide to carry out this lifestyle then you have to minimize the size of your ecological footprint. This lifestyle teaches you how to conserve organic food choices, alternative energy, green construction, sustainability, recycling, resources and other environmental topics.

Green Lifestyle – It is true that your decision of accepting the green lifestyle will definitely affect the environment in a positive way. Your ecological consciousness and care for the earth really benefits the whole environment and all the human beings. Green living contains proponents that play a very important role in preserving the earth for future generations of human beings and other life.

Green Technology –The importance of this technology is evident from the fact that it works wonders when it comes to conserving the energy, green nanotechnology, green chemistry, environmentally preferred purchasing, green building and soil health. You can easily develop green technology through smart electricity grids, toxic-waste-eating tress and floating environmental sensors.

Green Building –This is known as the practice of applying eco-friendly building materials. In doing so, most residential and commercial projects are designed in order to be more energy efficient.

Green Energy – According to green technologists, the production of energy should take place with the help of world’s fossil fuels and natural resources instead of using the entire world’s coal.

Organic Food – The food items come under the category of organic food that are processed, produced and packaged without taking the help of chemicals. In the present scenario, most people are using this food as this alternative provides more health benefits as compared to conventional food.

Renewable Energy – This energy is considered as the center of green living and encourages the one to use the wind, solar and other alternative forms of energy.

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The Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP) and the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals Educational Service (AECP/ES) present the ninth annual Green Living and Energy Expo. Held at the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia on November 7 and 8, 2008. Admission was free and over 2500 people attended. The purpose of the Expo is to inspire, inform and enable people on a wide variety of sustainable issues, topics, and ideas related to energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green building. Check out our website at www.aecpes.org

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How To Be A Green-Living Techno Geek

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Geeks love their gadgets; the newer, the faster, the more powerful they are, all the better. The gizmos that geeks love, however, consume a lot of energy and leave a lot of carbon footprints. Geeks are not often thought of as green-living folk.

But it is nonetheless possible to be a geek and at the same time adhere to the principles of green living. It is just a matter of making the right choices. Here are some of the choices that you can make towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle but without losing any geek credibility.

Choose Your Gadgets Wisely

Many geeks buy their gadgets indiscriminately. Just because a gadget is the newest toy in the market, boasting of some great features and being great eye-candy to boot, they must have it. However, this does not mean that they really need it.

So, before you buy that newest and shiniest toy from your favorite gadget store, ask yourself first if you need it. But if you really must have this new toy, you should do your homework before you fish for your wallet. Check out its Energy Star rating as well as consumer reports about the gadget.

It would also help improve your green living status if you buy a single gadget with lots of features. Most cellphones these days, for instance, can serve not just as mobile phones but also as mini-computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, calculators, alarm clocks and handheld gaming consoles. Having less gadgets with more functions can also help you deal with clutter.

Gadgets and Recycling

As mentioned above, many geeks are prodigious consumers and some of them are in the habit of throwing away gadgets that they do not want anymore even if they are still working perfectly well. Do not be like these geeks. Try to do your part in extending the life of a gadget by buying secondhand or by using your toys for as long as they work. Also, make sure that the gadgets you buy are recyclable.

When you are tired with your toys or when they stop working, you should not just chuck them into the garbage bin. See if their manufacturers have a buyback program, which is a good way for you to get back some of the money you paid for in purchasing your gadget. If they do not have a buyback program, you can take your old gadgets to your neighborhood recycling center.

Use Renewable Energy for Your Gadgets

One of the greatest hallmarks of the eco-friendly lifestyle is using renewable energy. Gadget geeks use a lot of energy for their gizmos, and so it becomes more of their responsibility to make sure that the energy they are using for their gadgets is renewable.

It is not difficult to do this. You do not even have to install a solar panel or a wind turbine at home. If your gadget requires batteries, you should use rechargeable batteries made with lithium ion instead of alkaline.

You can also buy simple chargers that make use of solar energy or wind to recharge your gadgets. It would raise your geek credibility to get these chargers because they are, by themselves, cool gadgets to have. All you need to do for these chargers to have enough power to supply your gadgets is to leave them sitting at your window sill, strap them to your arm while you are jogging or stick them on the windshield of your car.

Most of all, you should turn your gadgets off and unplug them when you are not using them. Vampire power is one of the biggest enemies of a green-living geek because it is a waste of your resources and a waste of your money.

This Article is written by John C Arkin from printerinkcartridges.printcountry.com the contributor of PrintCountry Articles. More information on the subject is at How to Be a Green-Living Techno Geek, and related resources can be found at Rechargeable Batteries.

Green Living Ideas Will Save You Money

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Live Green and Save Money

The following ideas on going green, are just that, ideas. They are simple, easy, and highly effective, but they are just ideas. Once they are implemented however, they become a blueprint, a viable plan to start saving money, while doing your part to help save the planet.  We can break them down into three manageable programs, any of which can start saving you money immediately. They are Recycling, Efficiency, and Renewable Energy. The first two will cost you only your effort, and the last one, surprisingly enough, not as much as you think.   

Most of us who care about the environment, already are recycling in some capacity. Here are a few tips that are sometimes overlooked.

1. Keep a separate trash bag for all recyclable waste, not just the ones you can return for cash. If your municipality doesn’t offer separate recycle bins, call your representative and get a program implemented. They will make money. Also, if you have a garden, discarded fruits and vegetables as well as coffee grounds and egg shells make great mulch.

Green Living Can Be Accomplished With Small Changes

Five Tips That Will Save Money
As with most changes, sacrifice can be a part of efficiency. Here are five essential steps you can start taking today to live green and save money.

1. Turn your heater thermostats down one or two degrees in winter, and turn your air-conditioning thermostats up one or two degrees in summer. If we all did this, the combined difference would be phenomenal. You will notice a significant savings in your electric bill.

2. Start washing your clothes in cold water. Modern powders perform just as efficiently in cold water as hot. Most of the energy that goes into washing clothes is in heating up the water. So you will save on electricity, live green and save money too.

3. On sunny days think about hanging your clothes on an old fashion clothing line. You will not only save money, but your clothes will smell fresher.  

4. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a dream come true for anyone who wants to live green and save money. They burn just 25% of the electricity that a standard light bulb burns, and they can last up to 10 times longer. Change your old bulbs today!

5. Try to consume a little less of everything, from electricity, to gas in the car, to the food you eat. Take time to write out a shopping list, and stick to it. If you feel the impulse to buy something you don’t really need, get into the habit of waiting 24 hours, then review it. The chances are you either won’t want it any more, or will have forgotten all about it.

Renewable Energy

The Sun and wind Are Free
Whether or not you decide to go off grid or stay on and sell extra energy as some do, solar and wind as alternatives are more affordable than you think. Where as contractors charge thousands to install, you can do-it-yourself for hundreds. Real people, not corporations, have come up with efficient and extremely affordable programs that walk you through step by step instructions, on how to build and install renewable energy for your home.

My own extensive research has helped me narrow down the best of the best instructional guides, complete with blueprints, photos, and even in the case of my number one choice, video instruction.  Obviously, I can’t go into great detail in this article, but if I have piqued your interest, you can get all the facts of this or many other ideas on how to go green at my site   Possibly GREEN.  There you’ll find the right ways to live a greener life, including information on how to find green jobs in your area.

At 57, I consider myself to be a Jack Of All Trades And Master Of Nothing. I was a struggling actor for 25 years. During that time I learned a little about a lot of things, and would like to pass along some of that knowledge. I live in California with my beautiful wife and a menagerie of pets.

Dummies Guide To Green Living

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What is Green Living – Green Living is a life philosophy. Proponents of green living aims to conduct their lives in such a way that they have an all encompassing awareness of saving the earth and its environment.

As a supporter of Green living, you carry out your life in an eco-friendly and responsible manner, an attempt to minimize the size of your ecological footprint. Green living includes the conservation of resources, recycling, sustainability, green construction, alternative energy, organic food choices and other environmental topics.

Green Lifestyle – Each choice you make requires a consideration of the consequences of the choice, and the way that the decision will affect the environment and all living things within it. Ecological consciousness and care for the earth are of paramount importance in the decision-making process.By minimizing their “ecological footprints” – the extent to which they create an environmental impact, proponents of green living hope to preserve the earth for future generations of human beings and other life.

Green Technology – Green technology is essential for the conservation of energy, soil health, green building, environmentally preferred purchasing, green chemistry and green nanotechnology.Developing green technology includes toxic-waste-eating trees, smart electricity grids and floating environmental sensors. Then there is the alternative-energy home fueling station that could jump-start the long-awaited hydrogen economy. This technology may seem far out-but it will probably be here a lot sooner than we think.

Green Building – Green building is basically the practice of using eco-friendly building materials and designing homes and offices to be more energy efficient.A zero-energy building has no net energy consumption when measured across a year’s time. It uses alternative energy sources like solar and wind power. Both zero- and low-energy buildings are great for green living.

Green Energy – Green technologist aims produce energy without burning all the world’s coal and using all the world’s fossil fuels and natural resources. Alternative energy is related to green living as it includes energy alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. The main drive behind alternative energy is to find renewable, eco-friendly sources of energy like solar or wind power.

Organic Food – Organic food refers to food items that are produced, processed and packaged without using chemicals. Organic food is increasingly becoming popular due to its perceived health benefits over conventional food. Droves of people are turning to organic produce as a way to feel safer about the foods they eat. People are worried about the foods they put into their bodies. With all of the reports of food poisoning from fruits and vegetables, many people are worried about what they are eating.

Renewable Energy – Strictly speaking, renewable energy is energy that is replenished at the same rate it’s used. As the center of green living, renewable energy encourages use of solar, wind, and other alternative forms of energy.

Solar Energy – Solar energy is the conversion of the sun’s rays to energy, very good for green living. Active solar technology uses electrical or mechanical equipment to convert the sun’s rays into usable energy for heating or whatever. Passive solar technology does not use any outside non-solar energy.

Sustainablility – Sustainability, central to green living, is about preserving the environment and natural resources for years to come. It is the process of maintaining a small ecological footprint so that one’s life has no permanent detrimental effect on the earth. There are specific fields within it like sustainable architecture, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable development.Green living habits are worthwhile no matter what our circumstances – privileged or not.

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