Sara Snow

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Looking for a More Natural Approach to Parenting? Learn “Baby Steps” for Natural Living…Without Breaking the Bank!” Natural/Green Living Expert (and first time mom) SARA SNOW Shares Tips to Help You Achieve a more Natural Lifestyle for you and your Children… From the Food You Feed Them To the Products You Buy… Sara Will Share Some Realistic and Affordable Ways to Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Lifestyle: * Green Cleaning Products: Learn how you can make natural, effective cleaning products with just five kitchen staples: vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil and liquid soap. * Natural Baby Products: Natural baby care products can be expensive and hard to find, but now there are options available at local drugstores nationwide that are inexpensive. Sara will discuss the use of skin care products, cloth diapers and her favorite natural baby brands. * Homemade Baby Food: How to make your own baby food with simple fruits and veggies (very green when using local, homegrown ingredients and obviously extremely natural). * “Green Bargaining”: Sara would also discuss the best practices for purchasing expensive baby items such as strollers and car seats second-hand (she would use strollers, car seats and baby monitors as examples of baby products that can be bought used, yet are just as effective). Sara Snow is a natural and green living expert, TV host and author of Sara Snow Fresh Living: The Essential Room-by-Room Guide to a Greener

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